Monday, 13 October 2014

Getting Cold

287 Wow what a day.  A day of two halves.  Started very well.  Shame about the end of the day.  But nothing a cup of tea can't fix :D

286 Tapas with my mum.

285 Cup of coffee with Mr H on the way home from a long week.

284 Yes yes - my favourite place

283 We discovered a new part of Bradgate park we haven't been to today

282 Good old Mr H - look what he made :D

281 Fancy pasta

280 Oh dear.  I think I got suckered in.  I'm thinking I can put these in the cupboard for a bad day....

279 Friday night glass of wine and a look through the photos

278 This is what Freddie thinks of clean floors....

277 Yes this is Christmas pudding, yes it is October. No I do not feel guilty.  This is my all time favourite food and this year I intend to make the most of it. :D

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Autumn Already

276 Blanket progress - I have worked out this is 1/25th of the finished article. It's going to be massive!

275 Sunday lunch with some friends - I think she wanted to join in :)

274 New project begins....

273 New lamp shades in the hall

272 Autumn wool - around this time every year I end up buying a new stash... something to so with it getting colder means I want blankets - lots of them!

271 Countryside detour on the way home from work today

270 Number two is complete - just need to sew it up

269 Rain

268 Popcorn and film Friday night :D

267 Mr H gets to play with his fancy corkscrew

266 Weekend geocashing

265 Canal walk

264 First colours have arrived

263 Organising

262 Weekend planning

261 Autumn walk

260 No more rust on Brian!!

269 Candles

258 The most beautiful cat in the entire world

257 Zebra socks

256 Only when I'd got this far did I read the "keep this limited to 1400 words" instruction.  Woops.

255 Cat in the shower. Of course.

254 Flowers

253 Can you tell what film this is from this still?!

252 Lovely roses from a friend

251 Christening cake

250 Christening of our friends' little boy.  A very nice day.

249 New pjs, new socks, new slippers.  Winter is on it's way

248 I reckon there is all of your 5 a day there

247 Collecting candles

246 My new classroom - seeing as I don't have one anymore I have bought my own to keep my bits and pieces in.....

245 Classy ladies

244 Back to school today - so I shall cheer myself up with stickers!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of the Summer

243 Enjoying ourselves at two of our friends' wedding

242 Mmmm Mr H made me a vegetable stew to celebrate the start of Autumn

241 Conquering my fear of motorway driving (obviously I didn't actually take this one!)

240 Preserving these so I can keep them

239 Tiling finished! :D

238 End of the day - LITERALLY could not put this down until I had read every bit.  Excellent book Tim Weaver

237 Start of the day - New book to read :D

236 Popped by a copper mine on the way to visit my sister and her boyfriend. 

235 I actually really enjoy it in Wales when it starts with all the rain.  Especially if you are tucked up in bed nice and warm with a cuppa

234 Stopping by the beautiful pass of Aberglaslyn

233 Steam train

232 20 mile bike ride...... I actually really enjoyed it - my legs didn't so much!

231 The beach

230 Barmouth Bridge. 

229 Sunset on the Beach

228 Welsh mountains in the background

227 SUN

226 The view from our room - not too shabby!

225 Haha - it exists!

224 Visiting the proposal bench :D

223 A spot of lunch on the way to Wales for a few days

222 Driving back from my mums

221 Lunch with a friend :D

220 Having a geek day - had a Roller Coaster Tycoon off

219 Starting the mammoth tiling job...