Saturday, 12 April 2014


103 My mum found this - used to be one of my favourite stories as a kid

102 Garden is starting to sprout

101 Pretty pastel spring colours

100 Mmmm tasty breakfast

99 Oh look - is that some finished pyjamas?! (and massive pile of books to mark)

98 Another wedding :D

97 My Mum's B'day - not sure she appreciated the candles ;)

96 Julia's hen do - awesome weekend

95 Juggling man

94 Let's get ready to paaaarttttyyyyy

93 Present from my sister - you write a line a day for five years.  Just the sort of thing I like :D

Sunday, 30 March 2014

3 awesome days, 2 Birthdays and 1 Inspection


92 Birthday Cake. Mmmmmmmmm


91 Awww - not long till their wedding!

90 "Penalty shoot out"

89 Two Birthday Girls :)

88 Cake anyone?

87 Cream tea - yes please

86 Early morning flower snapping

85 More Pyjamas!!! (in the making)

84 Birthday Selfie

83 Beautiful flowers from Mr H

82 :)

81 Birthday cards

80 Balloons! Freddie hates these

79 This pic was taken at 5am - as I am planning my final bits and pieces and Freddie needs the loo and refuses to go in his tray.  I let him go outside and turn round to find him using his "new outside loo" bye bye cornflowers.....

78 We got "the call" at work.  Took this at 1am - the to do list was not yet finished.....


76 Pyjama material. Me and my mum spent a super day buying this stuff and making pjs :D

(P.S Thank you everyone for such a lovely, super, duper, awesome weekend.  Thanks also for the new camera toy - LOVE IT!)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring is creeping in

75 Sunday morning cuddles with the kitty

74 Byeeeeee :(

73 Look at those faces! I love them :D

72 Munchies while we natter about everything

71 The first sign that the dreaded winter might almost be over

70 Green nails to match the green appearing in the garden.

69 Things are starting to shoot

68 Look at that blue sky

67 The first Sunday breakfast in the garden.  Love it.

66 Visiting my sister in Manchester - we had a lovely day :D

65 Having a pal over - we didn't eat all of it!

64 Home-made quiche - not bad for a first attempt

63 He's definitely a "man" cat now. The kittens days are over.

62 Cooking

61 My mum brought these round for me.  They make me so happy when it is cold and wintery still outside


59 What to do with the pie pastry left overs

58 Just playing with my camera, learning new things

57 "Mousey"

56 Handsome boy

55 Film and popcorn night with Mr H

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Holidays are over.... Booooooo

54 Oh look - it's my favourite place again :D


53 Watching the steam trains with my Mum, Dad and Sister.

52 Look at him.  He's so naughty playing with the lovely flowers some friends bought us!