Saturday, 21 February 2015

A bit behind

34 Tapas with pals :)

33 Pancake day

32 Beautiful roses from Mr H for Valentines Day :D

31 Still ill....

30 Having a Duvet Day with a Box Set of Downton

29 Nail painting

28 Come on sunshine!

27 Sport relief bake off and some Christmas Chocolate

26 Health

25 Think there was 8 of my 5 a day in here

24 Homemade cheese scones YUM

23 Look at this cheeky monkey

22 Pyjama day

21 Sneaky Chinese take away

20 Day out to Birmingham :D

19 Apple crumble

18 Lots of veggies

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Surviving January

17 Sleepy cat under the bed

16 Woohoo booking somewhere to stay for my friend's wedding! Very exciting!

15 Love these - they definitely cheer up a dull January day.  (Also managed to keep these ones alive for longer than a week!)

14 January date from Mr H - looking forward to a cinema and dinner trip soon :D

13 Kale Chips.  Healthy.....

12 A little bit of creating on a Sunday afternoon :)

11 Eating up some of our Christmas chocolates. YUM.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Welcome 2015!

10 Learning how to Skpe so I can talk to my friend in Malaysia.  I think it is absolutely insane that I can talk to her even though she is so far away! A good start to the day I think!

9 An early start at work today. 

8 Awwwwww look at that little munchkin.  I'd love to know what he is thinking...

7 Filling the house with flowers to bring on the spring.  I did wake up to hear birds tweeting the other morning which was lovely.

6 Fredingus on the prowl for food. 

5 A day trip to London to see my friends and see two of them off as they embark on their travels around the world!

4 I loooove my new kitchen radio :D

3 Prettifying the house now we have taken the Christmas decorations down.

2 Starting Dry January with a glass of tropical Fanta. Yum!

1 HAPPY NEW YEAR.  2014 was a pretty good year and lots of exciting things happened.  What will 2015 bring us?  I have big hopes for this year if it is anything as good as the last few years! :D

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The end of year 4 in photos!

365 Seeing the New Year in :D Good times!

364 Paint your own gnome

363 Picking up the cat

362 Gingerbread house! and lovely Boxing day dinner :D

361 Enjoying a glass of fizzy on Christmas day in our new home :D

360 Traditional Christmas day trip to Bradgate Park - pretty freezing!

359 Christmas tree at my mum and dads

358 Christmas selfie

357 Playing Cat top trumps with my sister


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mistletoe and wiiiiiine.....

355 Loving the old fashioned advent calendar

354 Christmas bunting from a few years ago

353 Pretty in pink

352 Lights and baubles for the bedroom.  I have enjoyed having an early night and watching youtube to fairy light goodness

351 I am particularly proud of this wrapping :)

350 Clementines

349 Loving the new tree decorations

348 Wrapping, tree, lights, tea, cat, friends, Larkrise Christmas special.... does life get any better?!

347 Christmas bedding - this is soooo cosy and warm, making it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning

346 Presents under the tree

345 White hyacinth

344 Reindeer

343 Freddie enjoying the cars

342 Christmas dinner one

341 Card games....

340 Fairy lights in the hall :D

339 Christmas hyacinths

338 Love these little paperchase people

337 Poinsettia

336 Our first meal in the dining room - only took 6 months

335 Festive nails

334 Look at this sunset

333 Our tree! I love it - seriously love it!

332 My Liberty Bauble

331 A treat to myself this year

330 Sooooo pretty