Friday, 17 July 2015

Made it...

181 This cat definitely has the cream.  I think he might like us having seven weeks off to fuss him on demand.

180 Woo hoo - holiday reading!

179 Leaving flowers

178 More leaving flowers :)

177 :D

176 Sunday breakfast - made healthy with the addition of fruit

175 Project completed

174 Are we nearly there yet?

173 These smell amazing

172 Family cake treats

171 Sunset at the polo ground

170 Cat in a car... the safest way to travel

169 Best not ask about this one

168 Happy days :D

167 It was so sunny!


165 Anyone seen the cat?

164 Hedghog!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Plodding along

163 Saturday afternoon cuddles with the kitty

162 The first homegrown sweet peas :D

161 Progress

160 Curry Monday

159 Prettifying

158 Sunday afternoon fun

157 Speedy Shelby

156 Ingredients for a new project

155 Saturday brunch with friends :D

154 Obligatory train selfie

153 On my way to London

152 Family fun

151 Lazy monkey

150 Painted!


148 Taking the bump to see Brandon

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

An Anniversary

147 A quick walk to Stock Ghyll Force before we journeyed home. We will be back!

146 Beautiful Orchids :)

145 Taking a trip on the "Big Boat"

144 Stunning views

143 We are so buying a boat one day.....

142 ... and our own lake to go boating on....

141 ....I could get used to this life....

140 ... and we could have a  rowing boat for "gentle days".

139 Happy 2 Year Anniversary Mr H! What better way to start the day than with an awesome breakfast and awesome view?!

138 The sun came out for the last 10 minutes before we left, making the lake look totally beautiful.

137 Just look at that.

136 A visit to Wast Water.  This is my absolute favourite lake.  Because it is quite out of the way, it is not built up at all (I'm not sure you are even allowed to sail on it) and you have to navigate "roads of terror" to get there, it is pretty abandoned.  It almost has a sinister feel to it because of the "scree" along one entire side which makes the whole lake appear black.  The last time I was here was 11 years ago on a family holiday, the summer before I left for Uni.  Quite a lot has changed since then..... but this place looks exactly the same.

135 The amazing Stanley Force.  The walk up to this was brilliant - if a little precarious.  It was almost impossible to photograph as the viewing area is a tiny ledge sticking out the side of the rock.  As I was pretty much stuck to the wall so I didn't fall off (haha it wasn't that bad I'm just not a fan of heights - in case I get the urge to jump off) I had to point and shoot and hope for the best.

134 Chilling at the hotel.

133 Stepping stones - for a spot of geocashing.

132 Rydal Falls.  There is a little building for viewing the falls called "The Grot" - but it was locked so I had to wave the camera round the outside of the building.

131 We know how to holiday! Can't go wrong with an I-Spy book.  Sadly we didn't get enough points to earn ourselves a certificate.... we will have to go back again :D

130 Last day for year 13 and 11.  Looks like some of them appreciated us - they're a nice bunch :D

129 I must have about 30 of this exact same picture :D

128 Jessie's Birthday cake.  Yum.  Happy Birthday J!