Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Holiday, :D

218 Family day out to Bradgate park.  For the first time ever we ventured outside the park boundary!

217 My Dad

216 Tea and trains = Super Sunday afternoon

215 My Grandad has given me this....  the ideas are already brewing....

214 Sand castle time.  Yes I am 28.  No - this does not make me feel bad.

213 Mr H having fun on the beach

212 Kite time

211 Look at those lovely flowers

210 :D

209 Enjoying myself ALOT. What a wonderful day!

208 Beautiful flowers

207 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Happy Wedding Day!!

206 Eeeek they did it! Congratulations!

205 Last minute creating before the journey to wedding town

204 Relaxing by the pool ;P

203 My parcel arrived

202 Leisurely breakfast

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Holiday and House prettifying

201 Visited Mr H's Mum today, One of the orchids from our wedding is flowering again.  It is very pretty.

200 Elephant :D

199 Awwww me and my sis :D (a long time ago obviously!) I love this!

198 Getting there

197 Spent a lovely weekend crafting a pin board to put important things on

196 I almost had a heart attack while Mr H was putting this mirror up.  I hate drilling into walls - I have  a phobia they might fall down!

195 Sunday evening in the garden with some biccies.  Lovely.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Waiting for the holiday

194 Celebrating Rob's Aunt's 60th Birthday

193 Friends :D

192 Awwwww

191 Some flower
s grown by my year 11s

190 Home making

189 Dropped the plug from the iron on my toe - ouch

188 New additions to the house - Flash and Gordon

187 Walk with the family


185 Lovely flowers

184 Starting to feel like home


182 Box of supplies

181 Hot Air Balloon

180 More lovely flowers

179 Cup of tea and some munchies

178 Relaxing on the beach

177 Having a drink on the beach

176 2p machines!!!!

175 Afternoon tea

174 Merry-go-round


172 Relaxing

171 Paddling

170 Wine tasting :D

169 Time with friends

168 A gift from a year 11 I have taught this year - very nice to know you are appreciated

167 Mr H brought these home :D

166 I have seen everything....