Sunday, 16 August 2015

Halfway through the holiday

224 Oh... where has the hole gone?! Yes - only 6 months after making holes in the ceilings and walls they have gone.  Woohoo!

223 Cheeky ice cream and train watching

222 Bump and a view

221 :D

220 Picnic time

219 Nice and folded strips

218 One of my most treasured possessions.  "Why did Grandad move next to the biscuit factory?!".... "Because he's crackers"... of course!

217 Holiday project three started

Monday, 10 August 2015

Project completed!

216 Love it!



213 Here is finished quilt number 2.  Taken me two weeks to make this while I am off work.  It is made with stuff I already had stored away in my cupboard; some Tilda quilting material and some denim style stuff that my Grandad gave me that my Grandma bought a while ago. It makes me really happy that it got used eventually :D I am pretty sure if the "quilting police" were to analyse it they would find 100 faults but I love it!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lazy Days :D

208 3 weeks off already and haven't opened these to start yet - this needs to change soon!

207 Not a lot going on in the garden this year but the geraniums are pretty.  I like them as the flowers are so nice but have to keep them outside as I'm not overly gone on the smell of them.

206 Shopping for new living room bits and pieces - trying to decide on colours.

205 Oops - there wasn't supposed to be any more of these bought - but they were half price in TXMax and colours you can't get normally in the UK so I guess it's allowed

204 Date night :D

 203 Oh dear - vet time

202 I swear this animal spends 95% of his time asleep

 201 Mr H relaxing

200 Healthy(ish) lunch

199 Relaaaaaxxxx

198 Freddie "helping out"

197 Stocking up on bolognaise - not sure if I made enough here....

196 Bit of a naughty treat

195 Happy days!
194 Getting more complicated

193 Early morning sewing.... as I can't sleep... again....

192 Making a start on the next one...

191 Sunday morning chillin
190 "Man and cat" time

189 Afternoon tea?! YES PLEASE
188 Party time

187 Getting ready for the arrival of the Birthday Girl

186 Helped my mum declutter today and found these old silver spoons - gave them a bit of a clean up :D
185 Hot chocolate and hot water bottle - you wouldn't think it's summer!

184 Birthday cake :D

183 Not taken today! But 7 years ago when I graduated with these lovely ladies. 7 years!!!

182 Ta-da - I am super chuffed and already planning the next one!

181 Late night sewing as I can't sleep....

182 My first patch...

183 Starting a new project - I have wanted to try doing patchwork/quilting for years and finally found some time to learn :)
182 Oh dear - a sneaky cooked breakfast while Mr H got his teeth checked... I couldn't help myself....

Friday, 17 July 2015

Made it...

181 This cat definitely has the cream.  I think he might like us having seven weeks off to fuss him on demand.

180 Woo hoo - holiday reading!

179 Leaving flowers

178 More leaving flowers :)

177 :D

176 Sunday breakfast - made healthy with the addition of fruit

175 Project completed

174 Are we nearly there yet?

173 These smell amazing

172 Family cake treats

171 Sunset at the polo ground

170 Cat in a car... the safest way to travel

169 Best not ask about this one

168 Happy days :D

167 It was so sunny!


165 Anyone seen the cat?

164 Hedghog!