Saturday, 29 November 2014


329 The last Masterchef Australia episode! Best enjoyed at 7:30 on a Saturday with a cuppa and no distractions :D

329 These cheer up a dull day

327 This years Christmas creations.  I have 3 more to be getting on with :D

326 Treated myself to two Liberty Baubles along the way

325 Such a lovely day, chatting, browsing, Christmas-a-fying.  Time spent with friends is THE BEST

324 Carousel

323 Christmas tree maze! Looked so pretty.

322 Just nattering over a long lunch :D

321 I think this could be the best burger I have had this year.  Made healthy with some courgette chips....

320 Monty the Penguin and co...

319 Taking myself off to the Big Smoke for a super day out with my pal. Christmas nails at the ready.

318 Cake number 3 - Lemon

317 Cake number 2 - Chocolate Orange

316 Cake number 1 - Coffee and Chocolate (1 cake for each decade you see).

315 Presents for Mr H

314 Cards

313 The big 3-0 for Mr H

312 Back to work blues

311 Last mooch around the slate mines before we head home

310 Beddgellert for a spot of breakfast on the way home

309 Just not ready to say goodbye! What a beautiful place.  Even a month on I wish I could go back!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Relaxing Welsh Week....

308 Pumpkin and Spooky flowers

307 Pumpkins guarding our little holiday house on Halloween.

306 Don't make me go back to work...... Please....

305 Can Saturday afternoons get any better? Window seat with the most beautiful view ever, cup of tea and a great book. Perfect

304 This place is actually heaven. 

303 We walked right around this point.  Lovely stuff!

302 Wowzers.  What a view.

301 Our little home for the week (on the left).  I had such a wonderful time.  Relaxed, chilled and happy.  I don't think I have been so sad to leave a holiday cottage.

Monday, 27 October 2014


300 Woohoo - finally finished my cushions.

299 My mum and I made this a while back for my girl room.  We have made it from both my Grandma's old sewing bits and pieces.

298 Cosying up in the evening.  It's getting dark.

297 I have finally become  grown up and started eating brown bread. Meh.

296 Panic stations! The last Earl Grey teabag!

295 Friday night date night.  Crackers, cheese, chocolate and a glass of red wine.  Lovely.

294 Looking forward to planting these and seeing them in the spring.

293 Bubble bath!

292 A very productive day at work today :D - makes all the hard work worth it.

291 I sooo want these - or even better I want to make my own!

290 Shopping with my mum and sister - we went into a huge craft shop - I did not buy anything.

289 Paperchase Christmas decorations - I may of bought a few.....

288 DAY TRIP TO MANCHESTER - Cake with my mum and sister :D

Monday, 13 October 2014

Getting Cold

287 Wow what a day.  A day of two halves.  Started very well.  Shame about the end of the day.  But nothing a cup of tea can't fix :D

286 Tapas with my mum.

285 Cup of coffee with Mr H on the way home from a long week.

284 Yes yes - my favourite place

283 We discovered a new part of Bradgate park we haven't been to today

282 Good old Mr H - look what he made :D

281 Fancy pasta

280 Oh dear.  I think I got suckered in.  I'm thinking I can put these in the cupboard for a bad day....

279 Friday night glass of wine and a look through the photos

278 This is what Freddie thinks of clean floors....

277 Yes this is Christmas pudding, yes it is October. No I do not feel guilty.  This is my all time favourite food and this year I intend to make the most of it. :D