Saturday, 25 April 2015

Exciting times

115 Told Freddie some rather exciting news today..... lol this is where I found him hiding later on....

114 I thought I had killed these!!

113 First night home when I have been able to open the back doors and enjoy the last of the sun


111 :D

110 Look how beautiful this is

109 Enjoying watching my friends learn to surf at Fistral Beach

108 Cornwall style breakfast - yes please

107 Celebrating my friends up-coming marriage with a wonderful weekend away in Cornwall

106 Look at the cream tea that welcomed us!

105 A bit of paper crafting on an Easter Sunday :D

104 :D

103 Date night!

102 Look at that handsome creature

101 Stephie enjoying the grass

100 Shelby having a run around (he actually does move quite quick...)

99 Easter chocolate corn flake cake things

98 Good Friday parade

97 The Queen... made of Lego... of course

96 A visit to Choccy Woccy Doo Dah - these cakes are amazing

95 Birthday boat trip!

94 Cream tea - on a boat - excellent birthday present from Mr H

93 Those cakes were amazing!

92 Mr H's artwork - on top of our pie.  Definitely made it taste twice as nice :D

91 Love him! Even though he is moulting like crazy right now and our house is covered in cat hair....

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Finally caught up...

90 Mooching round he garden centre - we found these!

89 Making the kitchen look spring-like

88 I am loving putting out the little bits and pieces I have kept for years and finding homes for them all.

87 I must of had these cards for about 7 years and finally found somewhere to put them :D

86 How many elephants?

85 Lol this has to be the best card ever :D

84 Prettifying the bedroom

83 Wowzers - our Christmas present from my mum - that took her over a year to make. I LOVE IT!

82 Pig White and Pig Tiny have come to stay for the holiday

81 Awwww Oskah

80 Hahaha Mr H is rather competitive at Monopoly - I gave up (was made bankrupt) about one roll of the dice after this photo. 

79 Birthday Cake!!!

78 Birthday Bruschetta

77 Birthday afternoon tea

76 Burt's Bees :)


74 :D

73 Birthday cuddles from the Fredster

72 Evening walk.... to the Chinese... :D

71 Haha on my desk for me when I got to work.  I feel truly loved. (I also got to keep the plank of wood for the day....!)

70 Breaktime snack

69 A sad day. The end of an era.  Bye bye Brian! (Hello Dennis)


68 Yum

67 These smell goooooood

66 Just bought a new car and we were in need of some food to calm my nerves - I am not a fan of big life decisions.

65 Solar Eclipse.  I saw this through some of those fancy glasses and it really was something amazing to watch.

64 A bit of early morning planning...

63 Healthy dinner

62 I am not entirely sure why he likes the shower so much....

61 Haha the perfect measuring jug for two science teachers.

60 Spring bulbs